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Hey there, thanks for visiting! My name is Michael Yuan, and you're probably wondering - what's with the name "ilikecalculus"? Well, math has always been my favorite subject throughout school. 17-Year-old me thought calculus was the pinnacle of mathematics. Mostly because the equations looked hardcore so I felt like Einstein solving them. At the same time, I was playing a lot of video games and often struggled to come up with in-game names. Since I could never think of any witty names, I opted for dumb names - at least it beats being bland and generic. I needed something sufficiently unique that no one would ever think of. Thus, the name "ilikecalculus" was born one day when I was trying to come up with a new in-game handle and my calculus homework happened to be open on my desk. Unsurprisingly, I never ran into issues with the name being claimed for any game.

However, after pursuing a career in software engineering, I quickly realized calculus wasn't very useful for general software development. As such, the calculus life is behind me now. Maybe I'll pick it up as a hobby sometime in the future.

Currently, I'm a software engineer working on teaching cars how to drive themselves. Outside of work, I like to lift weights to release my inner angst and keep my mind zen from the day to day grind. Also, I take pictures sometimes.

Join me on my photography journey and let's grow together! Feel me to contact me, I'd love to chat :)